10 Best Outdoor Speakers For iPod – Buying Guide 2022

Outdoor speakers are perfect for both parties and for other outdoor activities. You can use these speakers as an extension of your home entertainment system, and you can also take them with you when you have an outdoor party or other activity. In this article, we look at the top 10 best outdoor speakers, including features and pros/cons to help you make a decision on which speaker is best for your needs.

What are the best outdoor speakers for iPods?

Our testing has shown that the best outdoor speakers are the Polks Atrium 4s, which are a set of two smaller more affordable speaker that delivers superior sound with a durable design. Their larger counterpart, the Polks Atrium 5s also provide superb sound for larger events and gathering, but for an even more premium price. However, in regard to quality for price ratio, the Atrium 4s are difficult to pass up.

Our favorite budget option for outdoor sound is the Anker Soundcore 3. This model delivers outstanding sound in a durable and portable package, waterproof and ideal for outdoor activities. Its compact size offers an excellent travel companion for when you’re at the beach or by a pool. The battery lasts 24 hours and offers great value as an all-day sound machine.

1. UE Hyperboom

The Hyperboom gets very loud and has high-quality sound, making it one of the best speakers available. It also has plenty of basses that are balanced with highs and medium frequencies, which makes it better than the Marshall Tufton in terms of sound quality. The Sonos Move is the only portable speaker that beats the Hyperboom in terms of bass performance and vocal quality.

No matter what type of music you like to listen to, the M50x will be great for you. It offers exceptional detail when playing all sorts of sounds, be it a complex layer on Fiona Apple’s “Shameika” or the vocals on an upbeat Taylor Swift tune. The M50x is easily able to match most portable speakers, too! You’ll get outstanding clarity with any sound coming through the speaker as you thoroughly enjoy Jason Isbell’s “What’ve I Done to Help.” The M50 provides the perfect amount of bass, specifically when it comes to drumbeats, which are crisp and distinct!

The Hyperboom lives up to its name! This speaker pushes 98 decibels of sound at max volume and doesn’t distort sound even when on high. Listeners should never turn the volume up that high, but it’s good to know they can when they want to.

The Hyperboom can withstand being sprayed by water but is not intended for getting wet. The Tufton only has an IPX2 rating and should not be submerged in liquids. However, Ultimate Ear speakers like the Boom and Megaboom can be dunked.

This speaker should last longer than you; the battery in the Hyperboom lasts 24 hours and is rated for 100 hours of music playback with 12-hour daily runtime.

The Hyperboom connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth. It’s also great because it can connect to two devices at the same time, which is nice if you switch between sources. The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom has a range of 150 feet and tested out strong at more than 100 feet away indoors.

  • Best battery time
  • Gets very loud
  • Big and balanced sound
  • Pricey

2. Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is a capable speaker with a good range of sound. It provides gentle background noise, booming bass, and everything in-between. The Move produces clear sound at its loudest so it’s perfect for listening to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.”

The sound of Move’s music filled my block-long apartment building. I put the speaker on full volume and then, people came over to inquire about the party that was happening on the other side of the patio. What they found was me, sitting alone playing Spotify’s “Dance Hits” radio through an incredibly loud and powerful speaker

The Sonos Move offers a range of options to control your music, with the installation of 100 streaming services through the Sonos App or via AirPlay 2, enabling listeners to follow on-screen instructions through voice or by moving their phone. The sound quality can change once the audio is played through Bluetooth.

Sonos has developed a new technology called Auto Trueplay to configure a device out of the box through built-in microphones. It’s not as good as the manual configuration for old model speakers, but it offers more convenience than traditional setups.

  • Bluetooth option
  • Good audio quality
  • Compact build
  • No smart features in Bluetooth mode

3. Polk Atrium 4

The Atrium 4s are versatile sound speakers that sound great in most environments. Vocals are clear, and instruments sound realistic and warm. The bass won’t rattle your walls, but you can still jam out to the music with them.

Billie Eilish’s vocals were clear and distinct on the powerful “Happier Than Ever”. The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” had a full sound, from his vocals to the instruments. Though the drums of the song lacked a little depth, the acoustic guitars were crisp and warm.

Speaking of sound, its volume can go up to 95 decibels. At this level, the sound was a bit harsh but not distorted. It’s much more balanced under 90 decibels.

The Polk Audio Atrium 4 speakers are all-weather speakers, as they have been certified to withstand the elements of nature. When it comes to ruggedness, most companies use IP ratings, but Polk has also listed a number of certifications: ASTM D5894-UV Salt Fog, Mil Standard 810 Immersion, and Mil-Standard 883 for salt and corrosion. If you place these speakers where they will receive less exposure to the elements, they will last even longer.

There are non-powered speakers in this company’s lineup. You can purchase a receiver with zone capabilities or two (one for each zone) speakers and power to be used outdoors.

The back of a speaker has terminals that are easy to access. However, the Atrium 4

The next step is to mount the bracket on the wall. Place one end of the speaker in the top part of the bracket, and screw knobs belonging to the bracket onto both ends of it. Thread the speaker wire through a hole in the bracket, and adjust the angle so that you get a better sound.

  • Good build quality
  • Relatively small size
  • Large, crisp soundstage
  • No waterproof

4. JBL Charge 5

The Charge 5 is water-resistant up to half an hour underwater, at depths of 1 meter. Along with its waterproofing, it resists dust too. That’s an IP67 rating meaning it can withstand any liquid or form of soil.

The speaker can survive being in the water, no problem. You can also use it even in light rain or with shower jets and it will continue to work.

The Charge 5 has good sound for a speaker its size, and it’s easy to hear vocals and impressive bass. It sounds more balanced than the Charge 4, but it doesn’t have as much bass as our current Bluetooth speaker pick: the UE Megaboom 3.

On Black Pumas’ Fire, we heard punchy horns and crystal clear vocals. The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights had a menacing bass and thumping drums, but they didn’t overwhelm his voice. When listening on the Megaboom 3, we heard some benefits like more depth and richness in general, but the vocals were less audible than when listening on the Megaboom 3.

The two speakers were similar when listening to “Never Going Back Again.” Lindsey Buckingham had clearer vocals through the Charge 5 but the fingerpicked patterns played on the Megaboom 3 sounded fuller.

The Charge 5 has an impressively loud, yet quality, the maximum volume of 94 dB – it’s loud enough to hear over a party or traffic at 85 dB. The Sony WI-1000XM3 wireless noise-canceling wireless headphones have an impressively loud, yet quality max volume of 94dB – and it’s loud enough to hear over a party or traffic at 79dB.

  • Long battery time
  • Water- and dust-proof
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Cmpact build
  • Limited control app

5. V-Moda Remix

With the Remix, V-Moda focused on making a speaker that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior – it’s the first Bluetooth speaker to feature an integrated amplifier that is optimized for high-impedance headphones.

The VAMP/Aux Out jack on these amps improves your headphone audio, so you can enjoy the better sound quality. Plus, headphones alone usually cost at least $99, so you’re getting more for the money.

V-Moda’s new additions to their collection don’t stop at the VAMP. The Remix also plays high-quality audio formats like FLAC and ALAC, as well as offering CD-quality sound with CD quality experiences.

One speaker isn’t enough, so V-Moda added some happy colors to the Remix. I think more is better and so does V-Moda, which you can daisy chain for even greater sound. The speakers are tethered by a cable, but they should be manageable for your music needs.

The Remix delivers deep lows without drowning out Lamar’s vocals. It features a rear-mounted bass reflex port, which creates a great sound experience.

The bass on the Fugoo Style was more prominent than that on the Remix. However, while the remix had deeper and more intense bass, the Style offered a wider soundscape likened to listening to the track in a small room with open windows.

The Remix of “Tennessee Whiskey” had the warmer audio. The bass guitar sounded much richer, with a fullness that couldn’t be found in the Style. Additionally, the high tones were not as clear and defined as they would have been in the Style.

The Remix speaker gets really loud! LOUDER than speakers this size should be able to go. The highs on songs don’t get as distorted as they do on other speakers, and the sound stays balanced at maximum volume.

  • Stunning design
  • Bluetooth option
  • Long battery life
  • No multiroom solution
  • No waterproof

6. Anker Soundcore 3

The sound quality of the Soundcore 3 is impressive. You can use the Signature Sound EQ setting to get the closest to balanced sound. The device is also capable of producing louder and more powerful sounds, especially considering its small size.

There are two circular drivers, made of titanium, on the speaker cabinet to handle stereo left and right high frequencies. The design claims that it can produce sound waves as high as 40kHz. It is beyond twice the hearing capability of a human

The Anker does not specify the material used for the center speaker, but it says that the technique is great for outputting low frequencies.

The Soundcore 3 performs more than expected when it comes to bass. The vocals had more weight by just the beginning of the track and even when the other instruments joined in, I found this speaker to be more enjoyable than anticipated.

Anker’s BassUp technology makes your stereo sound louder and more accurate. With some music the bass is distracting, and the noise is clear, but with other music, the BassUp reaches high volumes with ease.

The Anker has some shortcomings: it can’t connect to your home WiFi network. With a smart device, like the iPhone 12 Pro, you can utilize Siri Voice commands and Bluetooth to play music on the Anker.

The UE Megaboom 3 allows more than one DJ to be connected at the same time. However, the Soundcore doesn’t allow for multiple connections. One party cannot connect more than one Soundcore speaker together through PartyCast, but you can connect numerous Soundcore speakers together wirelessly.

Despite the lack of a Bluetooth 5.0 range, Soundcore units achieve clear and reliable connectivity in other rooms around the house.

  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Surprisingly big sound
  • Budget friendly
  • Sound hardens up at higher volumes

7. UE Megaboom 3

The Megaboom 3 has more bass, fuller sound, and better balance than the Fugoo Style-S. UE’s speaker plays a variety of different music styles well.

The bass is rumbling, but it isn’t too loud or muddy. The instruments for the song sound really good because you can hear all of the vocals, especially on The 1975’s “Love It If We Made It.” The guitar and Lady Gaga’s singing are easy to hear in Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow.”

The Megaboom 3 gets loud. I measured it at almost 100 dB max, but the sound will get distorted at that level.

This speaker can play music while submerged in water. I left it in a sink full of water for 5 minutes and the music continued to play fine afterward.

UE states that after 10 hours, you will still have 77% of the battery left. This is longer than the standard 20 hours that many speakers offer.

The Megaboom 3 paired with my iPhone quickly, and I noticed its strong signal strength. It was consistent even when we were indoors and there were several walls in the way.

The new Boom and Megaboom app allow you to pair Megaboom speakers with older models, something more Bluetooth speaker apps should allow. You can also assign playlists with your Magic Button and create preset equalizer settings. However, there is no longer an alarm function in the app, and Siri or Google Assistant is no longer available through the speaker.

  • Waterproof
  • Best battery timing
  • Big bass and full vocals
  • No speakerphone

8. Klipsch AW-650

The AW-650 outdoor speakers are larger than cheaper wired outdoor speakers. This means that the AW-650 produces a louder sound, richer bass, and wider sound.

The distortion on Billie Eilish’s “Happier than Ever” seemed crunchy, but her vocals were still easy to hear. The bass on the Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” pounded strongly and the keyboards and other instruments sounded crisp. His vocals could be heard over the bass. The acoustic guitar on Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” sounded bright and clear, and the other instruments had a good mix.

The AW-650 is able to reach a very loud volume without distorting. While it can be too loud for some, the treble starts to sound harsh at around 94 decibels.

Klipsch says these speakers are all-weather and rustproof, yet provides no IP rating to support this claim. These speakers also have UV resistance and a weather-resistant zinc clamp. The brand has been in business for over 50 years and quality materials and build should last.

For outdoors, you’ll need a separate amplifier for the AW-650. Hook up to a home theater receiver with a second zone and you’re good to go!

Connecting the speakers to the amp is easy with wire harnesses and compatible endings. Terminal access is not an issue, but be aware that these terminals do not allow for banana plug connections.

This speaker has a mount on the back that can be attached to the wall. The speakers are also adjustable for horizontal or vertical display.

  • Big, durable design
  • Long battery life
  • Good audio quality
  • Pricey

9. Yamaha NS-AW150W

When you’re listening outside, the importance of details may not be your top priority, but the Technika NS-AW150W still did fairly well in this regard. The vocals really pop in the mix – probably thanks to their crispness. The speakers do not produce a very bassy sound, so if you’re in certain environments like busy streets or close to traffic, ambient sounds might drown it out entirely. Having said that, though, it is also important to remember this speaker is an outdoor one, so it was made to produce a tighter sound that isn’t too wide and spreads as widely as it would indoors!

The sound was crisp and full-on “Therefore I Am,” while the bass thumping. On “Blinding Lights,” The Weeknd’s vocals were prominent and the keys sharp, but the bass lacked depth. The brightness made the piano and guitar sound realistic in “Living Proof.”

The speakers can be adjusted to 35 watts and would distort at 90 decibels, but sound more pleasant and comfortable at 80-85 decibels. Your neighbors will thank you for keeping it in that range.

Yamaha makes a point of saying that the speakers are water-resistant, so it should be fine for them to get splashed with water but not submerged.

You need the power to send sound through your IBWT-NS150 wireless speakers. You can use a receiver with an output terminal, or you can connect a dedicated amplifier with a speaker wire inserted into the back. The speakers offer good access to the terminals and input ports for banana plugs.

To mount the speakers, attach their brackets to the wall with screws and then use their screws to attach the speakers. You can then swivel them for better sound quality. There’s a safety wire included in case you lose a screw.

  • Full vocals
  • Compact build
  • Good sound quality
  • Wired connectivity
  • No waterproof

10. Sonos Roam

The Roam has a racetrack-style mid-woofer, two amplifiers, one tweeter, and a high-efficiency motor. This allows it to be the best-sounding ultraportable speaker yet.

Sonos Roam is an ultraportable speaker that produces sound as sophisticated as the other Sonos speakers. It’s not as powerful as the Sonos Move or has the precision of the Sonos One, but sounds richer and louder than any comparable speaker on the market.

The Roam’s Auto TruePlay is a feature that adjusts the speaker’s sound profile for its current environment. It does this automatically, which means you don’t need to go through the manual process of tuning the speaker.

The Sonos Roam is engineered to admit sound in any surrounding. So, even as the listener’s surroundings change, the voice remains clear. I would recommend for people buy this speaker were they looking for acceptable background noise with good audio quality that can be heard in all surroundings.

The Sonos Roam only has smarts when it is connected to an internet connection and if you want to use the best Alexa skills or Google Assistant commands, then you will have to be present and at home for that. That way, you can change the playlists, control your smart home devices, or ask your virtual assistant other queries.

At times, even though the speaker knew to switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based on its location, it did not connect. For example, I often found myself reconnecting the Roam to my Sonos system via my phone.

With Sound Swap, you can easily transfer the music from a Roam to a Sonos speaker in another room. This is done by pushing the button on the speakers or through your smartphone.

The Roam by Sonos amplifies the sound of your favorite music app, like Spotify. It is designed for outdoor use when on a Bluetooth connection and can connect to other Sonos speakers at home so you can control it with your own Sonos one/ soundbase or surround set.

  • Extensive connectivity features
  • Clear and loud sound
  • Bluetooth option
  • Fashionable appearance design
  • Battery life could be better

10 Best Outdoor Speakers Buying Guide

10 Best Outdoor Speakers For iPod

Outdoor speakers can seem like a daunting task to purchase, but in reality, it’s not difficult to find the right product. Outdoor speakers are rated by how many watts they can produce, which will depend on the size of the speaker. Outdoor speakers come in all shapes and sizes, so scroll down for our guide to help you choose the perfect speaker for your needs.

When the weather gets warmer, most people find more reasons to enjoy the outdoors, such as yard work, reading, or grilling. You can enjoy your favorite tunes while you do these outdoor activities.

When you have a need for outdoor speakers, there are many opportunities to choose from. In order to pick the right ones, review this guide and read about the various options.

1: Whole-home audio with outdoor speakers

If you decide to install speakers from scratch, you may want to consider an outdoor speaker as well. Our system designers are here to help you get a schematic of a flexible system that suits your unique layout.

If you want your home Wi-Fi system to work properly, consider a multi-node mesh router system. They help your wireless sources reach every place in your house.

2: Stereo-input speakers

Best Outdoor Speakers For iPod

Typical outdoor systems have a left and right speaker in a stereo configuration. Sometimes, you only need one speaker, such as for small nooks, or you may need to use three speakers when the space is large enough to require sound between two speakers.

A stereo-input speaker is typically used for situations of this nature. It has inputs for both left and right channels, separating the audio, and 2 tweeters.

Four-conductor cables are more convenient when you have stereo input speakers. This kind of cable has two channels in a single casing.

3: Outdoor speakers and Sonos

You can create a system for your outdoor space by running speaker wire from the Sonos Architectural speakers to the outdoor amplifier as Tara did for her treehouse.

With the Sonos Port, you can easily upgrade your existing outdoor sound system by adding compatibility with the Sonos line of wifi speakers.

4: 70-volt speakers and amps

Best Outdoor Speakers For iPod

If you want music in outside spaces, a 70-volt system will drive several speakers with just one amp. These systems are meant for commercial use and can cut down on costs.

5: Whole-home audio with outdoor speakers

Our system designers can help you plan and power a flexible system for your home that suits your unique layout. You can include outdoor speakers if you want to start from scratch and build a whole-home audio system.

With a router, you can get wi-fi for your whole house. This can be done through a multi-node system that provides a strong, fast internet connection in every place you need it.


So, there you have it – our top 10 best outdoor speakers. We’ve included a range of different types of speakers to suit all budgets and styles, so hopefully, you’ve found the perfect one for you. Whether you want to rock out in the garden or simply enjoy some background music on your patio, these speakers will help you do it in style. Thanks for reading!

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