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Speaker wire is usually found in four sets, each sixteen feet long. This article will show that. Can Speaker Wire Be Used For 12v Power?

Once, I had a party in my living room, and someone put too many devices into the power strip. It blew a fuse in my entire building. And it was terrible. I had to break out extra strands of speaker wire, string them from one end of the room to the other, clip them every few feet, and make a makeshift extension cord that tapped into our neighbor’s power supply so all my equipment could resume blasting Katy Perry.

Speaker wire comes in white, black, red, and blue. Red confirmed for power (+), blue for speaker ground (-).

Can Speaker Wire Be Used For 12v Power?

Can Speaker Wire Be Used For 12v Power

Is it time to clear out your electrical junk drawer? If you accomplish believe you have one, think also! We all have wires and cords around our homes, and knowing what to do with them can be challenging. While accomplished, do you understand that you can utilize a speaker wire as a pull rope? Keep reading to find out more about this handy hack.

If you want to plug in your 12v power supply but don’t know which wire to use- maybe because you’re not sure if the orator wire would work- it’s time to read our article to find out. We’ll tell you what you need to know about these two wires and how they differ.

If you’re feeling lost when it comes to speaker wires, don’t worry – I was in the same boat when I first came across the same question. But, after doing some research and testing, I was amazed to see that it worked well!

Yes, you can use speaker wires to power 12v appliances, but you need to ensure that the cables are compatible and of the correct gauge. You must consider the full and minimum voltage power, opposition, and elements.

Okay! Let’s Discussed Our Topic.

Can speaker Wires be Used for 12v power?

You can utilize speaker wires to authority 12v devices, which operate just as nicely as a standard authority cable. Just be sure to match the meter before you use it.

Most of the time, we need to predict what size wire we’ll need. This is because breeding volts with high or low amperage offers us a fuel pack. This helps us determine if the wire is suitable for that electronic machine or not.

What speaker Wire Carry Power?

Yes, speaker wires carry electricity. However, they’re different than regular power cables because they come directly from the amplifier. They can be used to power low-voltage appliances like lights and radios, making them an ideal choice for a 12-volt power supply. The insulating material and pure copper in the wires make them perfect for high-wattage applications.

How Considerably Power Runs via a Speaker Wire?

Can Speaker Wire Be Used For 12v Power

A speaker wire’s power output is significantly lower than regular wires since they are not attached directly to the wall outlet. Instead, the speaker wire’s power output is determined by the current supplied by the amplifier to which they are connected.

The power required to run a certain number of gauge wires also depends on the size of the wire, resistance, and inductance. For example, more gauge wires often require less power to run.

Unique regarding Speaker Wire:

Speaker wires are most commonly used for, well, speakers! While you power is surprised that they can also live utilized as control cords. The main difference between speaker wires and electrical wires is resistance and insulation.

These cables are pure copper and have perfect insulation, which is secure and long-lasting.

Further, speaker cords have sufficient electricity to electrocute you; they can take up to 30 volts. So, if you’re looking to power a 12v appliance using a speaker cord, you’re not making any mistakes.

Undurstanding about wire:

The diameter of a wire gauge refers to its thickness, and we can often determine the wire’s gauge by its diameter. Additionally, the wire gauge decides how much current you can transfer from any given wire. Because lecturer wire usually has a light meter, it can only be utilized to power less-voltage devices or swallow less present.

A cable of a thicker diameter can carry more current or electricity as it has less resistance. The American Wire Gauge System (AWG) is the standard for measuring wire sizes. Most speaker wire sizes vary from 10 to 22 AWG, but most systems use 14, 16, or 18 AWG.

The power load determines the optimal sound quality in speakers, which depends on the wire’s thickness. The thicker the wire, the higher the current, and vice versa.

The ohm load should relate to the wire thickness if we connect the wire meter with amperage. So, a quicker wire must be more delicate to support and maintain sound rate.

Connect the speaker wire with electrical devices:

Not just for speakers, speaker wires can also be used for other purposes. They’re primarily made to work with audio and music, but you can also use them for light appliances.

You can use speaker wires in your home to power any desired devices or appliances. For example, it could power hard-wired appliances around your house, like doorbells or safety sensors, lights in difficult-to-reach places, door openers for garages, and thermostats.

Difference Between Speaker wire vs. electrical wire:

The electric and speaker wires are pretty much the same, except for insulation. The speaker wire’s transparent insulation reveals its pure copper color and handles low-voltage currents. The electrical wire is brown, red, or black, depending on its denomination.

Consequently, electrical wires are high existing-carrying wires that can surprise you extremely. The speaker wire is not a hazardous fire material, so electrocution is less likely to occur in this case.

People Also asked Frequently questions(FAQS):

Is it safe to cut speaker wire?

It is secure to cut orator wires, but you should only do so when they are not instantly bonded to an amplifier or power head. Make sure all electrical appliances are rotated off before slicing the wires.

You can utilize wire blades or scissors for trimming your lecturer wires. Cutting the cables ideally takes skill and practice, but it’s not that difficult. A precise, attentive mind and steady hands can make the joke. Now, behind, you’ve cut the wire and stripped of its insulation. Always unplug your speakers before you start dissecting them!

Can the speaker wire cause a fire?

Yea, but the odds are slight to none. Because these wires are not rated for high-voltage usage, they face a higher risk of malfunction when used near a high-voltage source. In most circumstances, the short course drives this conduct.

Speaker wires are sufficiently protected, so they don’t harm any related machine or cause overheating and blazes. If I conclude, the chances of fire are meager because the speakers have low voltage wiring and are entirely safe to use.

Can I use speaker wire for 12v LED lights?

Yes, assuming the wire meter, you can utilize lecturer wires for 12v LED lights. Keep the resultant voltage reduction and draft in reason- they will be an ideal fit. LED lights have very undersized power consumption. so, that we can utilize such lines for them; nevertheless, it also relies on the speaker wire you’re operating.


Yes, speaker wire can be used for 12v power, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, the gauge of the wire needs to be thick enough to handle the current draw of your devices. Second, you’ll want to use stranded wire rather than solid core wire to prevent voltage drop. And ultimately, make sure to utilize heat shrink tubing or electrical video at all ties to stop shorts.

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