How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Samsung TV? – Easily 2023

Bluetooth speakers are growing in popularity and for a good reason. They are easy to use and can be connected to various devices. This Article will teach you How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Samsung TVs.

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a Samsung TV may sound difficult at first. However, using the correct set of instructions can be a simple task. This blog will show you how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Samsung TV. This guide can connect any Bluetooth speaker to a Samsung TV. This is done mainly through the TV’s remote control and Bluetooth devices.

Connect the Samsung 2018 QLED TV with A Bluetooth Speaker.

The exact foremost something you would like to do is turn the Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode. It will allow it to communicate with your Samsung TV and establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

It never hurts to learn more about your favourite hobbies. For instance, find out if your Bluetooth speaker has a push-button pairing mode that you can access by holding down a specific button on the top of the device for more than five seconds.

You’ll have to press the green button towards the upper left of the machine. You can review the user manual to learn how to control each control on this model. Please note that you must keep your finger on the button for as long as 30 seconds if you follow directions from page 1 of this manual.


Navigating your way to your TV section manual is a step-by-step approach. You start by pushing the Home switch on your intelligent control. Afterwards, you press the option that says ‘Connection Guide’ on ‘the home screen, which comes up along with other options like ‘Input’ List’ and Help.’

You’ll configure the Source settings when setting your Smart TV up. To do this, use the directional pad on the Smart remote to navigate to Settings and press OK or Enter. You may find a list of options here, so go ahead and select Source.

If you see anything, check that all cables are correctly hooked between devices (most commonly your cable or satellite box, DVD player, and A/V receiver). Once you click SouSourceelect List All Types again, choose one option: HDMI1 (confirmed working for UHD source), DisplayPort 1 (for 4kx2k outsourcer Component 1 input, which is for analogue media sources like VCRs and game consoles only.

The network Connection Guide option is under the Settings on the list. You will choose Audio Device or Bluetooth in your menu to connect your Samsung TV to a non-Samsung device.


Once you have brought up the “Blue” or” men” on your smart TV, choose “Sear” h for Bluetooth devices.” Yo” r TV will automatically scan and list all the nearby devices within range. Choose your audio souSourceom among them to connect it.

Your Bluetooth-enabled smart TV and This Big One portable speaker will connect wirelessly. You will stream music from the smart TV to the speaker.

Pairing another Samsung TV model with Bluetooth speakers:

You may have bought a different Samsung smart TV model, although you can still pair it with a Bluetooth speaker. Check out the steps below for guidance about how this can be done.

2017, 2018, and 2019 Samsung tv models R, N and M:

Go to the Settings menu and select the Sound option to get to your sound settings. To ensure your audio is outputting through your device’s speakers, click the Output Sound button.

Your choice then flows to the Bluetooth Speaker List, where you will discover recorded Bluetooth machines. Select the lecturer on the list to receive a new line and press OK to begin pairing.

You will connect your Bluetooth speaker to the Samsung TV Models R, N, and M by going to Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List.


This 2016 Samsung smart TV has several standard audio connection options, including Bluetooth. I could connect my wireless speakers and Bluetooth headphones by using the Bluetooth wireless connection feature that comes with this television.

Moreover, it is possible to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the Smart TV, so if you intend to operate the TV as a monitor, then be certain to pair your Bluetooth keyboard with Follow.

Follow these steps:

Go to the home screen and then navigate to Settings. Select Settings and choose the Sound option from the list of available segments. Once you have selected the Sound option, press “Soun” Advanced” so “that you can access the Wireless Speaker Manager feature.

Enable your wireless speakers under Sound> Expert Settings > Wireless Speaker Manager > Bluetooth Audio Devices. There, you will see other options that can be set to adjust bass, treble, and surround Sound.

These steps ensure that your 2016 Samsung TV Model K is paired with your wireless speakers.

Firstly, you must charge your device for a few hours and install the keyboard. Launch Device Manager and tap the Add Bluetooth Keyboard & Gamepad option on the screen. Once done, hold down the Alt + Shift keys (on Mac) until a popup indicates that the pairing is complete.

Samsung smart TV model J 2015:

If you hold a Samsung Smart TV 2015 Model J, you can use it to brook piece your Bluetooth headphones or wireless lecturers. The only distinction is that you must buy the necessary hardware required for that purpose, which will cost you considerably less than buying a new TV.

You have to follow the measures below after putting your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode:

Settings > Sound > Additional Sound Options > Bluetooth. Once you’ve led Bluetooth with your TV, the mobile device that connects to it will be allowed access to play audio wirelessly through the TV speakers.

Samsung Smart TV Model H 2014:

2014 Samsung Smart TVs will pair with Bluetooth-enabled speakers, headphones, and other devices. Begin pairing by turning on the sound system and initiating its Bluetooth features from the remote control or manually from the device. From there, you’ll Display and Picture Settings.

Once in Sound, if you want to reassign a particular input for Sound Output for your TV, you can also do so here!

Then, using your Smart TV remote control, select MENU > Speaker Settings > Select SoundConnect. To summarise, press the menu button on your remote and find “Spea” er Settings.” Navigate to the settings for Sound and ensure you have set the option for TV pair.

A Periodic Problem that Energy Ensues When Streaming Sound Through Bluetooth:

Regarding pairing Bluetooth devices with your smart TV, you can only pair one device simultaneously. There is also important information regarding simultaneous usage and name pairing: While you can pair multiple devices with your TV, it might be something to remember during the initial setup process.

Users may experience lip-sync errors after moving away from their Samsung TVs. On rare occasions, Bluetooth headphones offer no sound at all.

After researching, be sure to buy quality Bluetooth speakers that you can place in your home and sit within a reasonable distance of the range the Bluetooth connectivity covers. Before investing in one, you should also read about any issues pairing your Bluetooth device with this smart TV.

This is the information we received firsthand from Samsung regarding some issues with specific modalities connecting properly with Bluetooth devices, so you may want to make sure your next purchase doesn’t have any problems before you buy it.


Hopefully, this post has been able to help you to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Samsung TV. If you want to add other devices to your TV, please visit our blogs on Checkspeakers. Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Everyone loves listening to music, especially on a warm summer day. If you have a Samsung TV, you can easily connect your Bluetooth speakers to your TV and enjoy your favourite tunes without ever leaving your couch. Using an easy step-by-step process, we will show you how to connect Bluetooth speakers to SamsungTVsV.

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