How To Connect Sony Speakers To iPhone? Step By Step Guide

Nowadays, the market is swarming with different kinds of products, both in terms of technology and non-technology. We have a number of brands that have revolutionized the world by introducing ingenious and innovative products to the market. We have the Samsung’s the LGs, the Sony, and the Apples of the world. Among all these brands, Sony has gained quite a reputation in the market with its quality, new and improved products. Sony has been successful in producing products that are user-friendly and have a screen that is perfect.

1: How To Pair iPhone With Sony Bluetooth Speaker?

Using Bluetooth, you can pair your audio device with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To do this, set the audio device to pairing mode then click settings and tap “Preferences.” Then from the mobile device choose “Settings” (The icon resembles a cog). Click on the “Bluetooth” option. Now search for available devices in your list. It can be found under “Devices”

All information described in this article applies to all iOS devices:

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2: How to Enable Pairing Mode on a Sony speaker?

Before you go further, turn on the Sony speaker and let your iPhone discover it for the first setup. Sony relies on NFC technology to provide wireless communication from this point forward with other Sony speakers so find an area in your home where an NFC chip is within range of these two devices. If you need to get started right away, tap it again which will cause the device to figure out how to get connected. Most speakers offer different pairing options but knowing how either Sony devices work in a second here are some suggestions if you need more help locating the correct step.

3: How to Make your iPhone Recognize a Bluetooth Speaker?

To connect your iPhone with your Sony speaker, you’ll need to put the speaker into pairing mode so that it’s ready to pair with other devices. If both of your devices support it you can do this via Bluetooth connectivity. Otherwise, you’ll need to physically plug the two together through an audio cable or adapter. We’ve got more information below:

  • Tap Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • The Sony speaker will show on the screen. When your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • After that, click on the name on your iPhone, and wait for a while for it to connect with the speaker.

4: How do I connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone?

Most Bluetooth speakers allow only one connection at a time. However, there are third-party apps such as Bose Connect that work with Bose SoundLink and other devices, AmpMe, which works with many Sony Smart Speakers and UE Megablast, and other Ultimate Ears speakers to connect multiple speakers together so they can be played through one device.

5: How Do I Play Music Through My Bluetooth Speaker?

There’s nothing special about playing music through Bluetooth. As you do when you’re listening to music with a wired connection, open up your favorite music apps and play anything through your speaker system. Music will be sent over the airwaves via Bluetooth, after which it’ll be played directly on your speaker in “native” form.

6: How can I change My Bluetooth name on my own iPhone?

Bluetooth nicknames are useful for locating your phone around town. If you have an iPhone, you can change the name by going to Settings > General > About and tapping on Bluetooth Nickname.

Alternatively, go to Setting/Bluetooth > Choose device connected – or not – to Bluetooth > Name and rename it

7: How Do I Pair My iPhone With My Sony Speaker?

To turn off pairing mode, press and hold the button until your speaker rings.

You can connect to a mobile device by turning on its Bluetooth feature. The Android OS is also compatible with connecting to your inbox.

The app can be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device. Devices running Android OS are also eligible.

8: How Do I Put My Sony Bluetooth Speaker In Pairing Mode?

  • If you turn on your speaker for the first time then the Bluetooth indicator will appear.
  • The speaker will be in pairing mode once you hear the voice guidance and Bluetooth indicator. Tap and hold the power button till you hear the sound guideline.
  • Under-five minutes you can pair your source device.

9: Why Won’t My Sony Speaker Connect To My iPhone?

If someone’s speaker is not able to charge, plug it into an AC outlet. If the speaker is initialized, there could be issues with an iOS device trying to connect to it. An iOS device should be repaired after being deleted.

10: Why Can’t I Connect To My Sony Bluetooth Speaker?

If you wish to use your speaker without connecting it to a mobile device, simply connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi connection. Once this is done you can delete any Bluetooth pairing of your source devices from the system. To do so you will need to ensure that your speakers are powered on, have access to a wireless network, and have an active service plan with us. (More info on our pricing plans here: Also, make sure that other music streaming services are disabled before attempting to remove the stored information on your source device. Deleting all previous pairing records will take up most of the available memory of one Ryno App – which is why we advise users to wipe only after they’ve purchased a Ryno services plan and registered their copy of the app here with proof:

11: Why Is My Sony Bluetooth Speaker Not Connecting To My Phone?

Turn on the device’s Bluetooth. Next, go into the device’s settings to check that your device is connected. The pairing light should flash white when it has paired successfully with a device and the pairing button should beep when pressed.

12: Can I Connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone?

Your iPhone 5 can be used with a maximum of two Bluetooth speakers——this number is limited to one only if you are using an older version of the software. The latest version can be downloaded to your Mac and will enable it to connect without any limitations to another speaker. Other companies such as Ampme, Bose, and Ultimate Ears also have applications that allow you to use their speakers with a variety of devices.

13: Can You Link 2 Sony Speakers?

Sony 3 can not be connected to the third speaker?? If you connect a speaker within 30 seconds of connecting a previous one, the other speaker can appear. Beyond 30 seconds, it is not possible to connect a speaker.

14: Can You Connect Sony Bluetooth Speakers Together?

Some wireless speakers are able to pair with other wireless speakers when it comes to parties. They can also be used in chains. SRS-XB20 speaker can be used through the use of a party chain or any other sort of wireless connecting device that allows for party chaining with this particular speaker.

15: How Many Sony Speakers Can You Pair Together?

Depending on the particular item you’re looking at, keep an eye out for any important features or specifications. There’s a Wireless Multi-room capability that lets you stream and play up to ten speakers at once with the Music Center (SongPal).

16: Can You Connect To 2 Bluetooth Speakers At The Same Time?

To pair either Android headphones or speakers, you need to visit the Bluetooth Settings dialogue. Click the ‘Advanced’ button once the box for connecting to the phone is plugged in. If you don’t already have it enabled, go to the ‘dual audio’ option. It’ll be possible to connect multiple devices together with this device.

17: How Many Sony Bluetooth Speakers Can You Connect Together?

Playback enables wireless playback for up to 10 devices with a combination of iPhones, iPods, Macs, and PCs.

18: Can You Connect Two Different Sony Speakers?

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Windows Devices (Laptops, Tablets, Desktop Computers, etc.):

If you are attempting to pair your Windows device with your Bluetooth speaker from Sony, start by pressing the Windows Key and selecting Settings. Then choose Devices and click on the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ option, following which you should see an on/off switch beside Bluetooth. Switch it on and search for Sony speakers in the list that appears then follow the prompts given by your voice assistant app.


It has come to our attention that some of our customers have had trouble connecting their Sony speakers to their Apple products. While our Sony speakers are not compatible with this device, Sony has released a new device that works with both Android and Apple products. We recommend the Sony UBP-X800 for your Apple devices. This device is a wireless speaker that supports wireless streaming using Bluetooth, AirPlay, and wi-fi. It also supports high-resolution audio playback and has a sleek design to fit in with your home.

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