How To Connect Speakers To A Phone Without Bluetooth?

Today we use Bluetooth to connect our phone to a speaker or headphones. This is because it is a wireless device and it is very convenient to connect and use. But this is not always the case and you may run into a situation where you are unable to connect your speaker to your phone. Here we will show you how you can connect your speaker and phone without using Bluetooth.

If you have an aux cable you can plug it into your device and simply put the cable in it. Otherwise, if your device supports a USB like this one here and this one here, then using a Bluetooth adapter to connect it to your existing speaker would work better as well. Simply go on, pair this upcoming brand new mobile device of yours with all those sitting around.

For those who have an older phone that doesn’t support Bluetooth, you’ll be unable to use a new device of yours. As a result, your cell phone isn’t compatible with mobile gadgets that are designed around it. So, how do you play music through your cell phone speaker when it can’t connect via Bluetooth? You can actually connect it to any speaker at home or even in your office that is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone connector because this is one of the quickest ways to transfer sound between two or more devices.

1. How do I connect my phone to a speaker without Bluetooth?

  • Switch the source selection switch (located on the back of the speaker) to AUX.
  • Pair your speaker to the headphone jack of the player by using the supplied wire.
  • Start playing your favorite music on your device.

2. How do I connect external speakers to my Android phone?

  • To connect external speakers to your Android phone open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to Paired gadgets, and turn on the Bluetooth toggle button, so if it’s not enabled.
  • Choose Bluetooth to see the options.
  • Then paired the new device to place the Bluetooth device in connecting mode.

3. Can you connect speakers to one phone?

You can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones to one mobile device so that everyone in the room can hear your favorite song. A majority of Android-operated phones and iPhones today allow dual audio capabilities. This will enable both users to listen to their music on one headset or speaker of their own – resulting in a more enjoyable listening experience for all.
How do I connect external speakers to my phone?

Step 1: Ensure that your speaker is in connecting mode. Then switch on the speaker and long-click the Bluetooth button on your device.

Step 2: Then afterward switch on Bluetooth on the cell phone. Approach settings in your cell phone (both Android and iOS) and choose the Bluetooth settings option.

Step 3: In this 3rd step you may have to wait for the phone to connect.

Advantages Of Using Wires Than Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is a very common and critical feature in today’s world of wireless gadgets. This technology seeks to provide quick wireless means of sharing across devices, but there are drawbacks as well as benefits to consider before using Bluetooth on your device. This guide hopes to help you answer these questions and introduce a few helpful methods.

Although Bluetooth connectivity is less popular than Wi-Fi in the development of wearable devices, it does have its advantages. It works best for short-range connections and has a capacity between 100 to 300 meters with one device. As such, Bluetooth may not work well when multiple users are crowding around one source. Software bugs aside, this connectivity option also has a relatively small distance compared to Wi-Fi and doesn’t deny connection as opposed to file-sharing platforms suggested by other writers in this post.

Bluetooth may be efficient, but data transfers can take a long time and there are still Bluetooth compatibility concerns. Fortunately, more options exist for connectivity nowadays – including the introduction of standards such as 802.11ad which takes advantage of WiGig to achieve high-speed communication. In order to cover all bases in case one node fails or isn’t available it’s often worth having multiple modes at your disposal. So you know that you will always be able to communicate effectively no matter the situation or location.

4. Ways On How To Enjoy Audio On Speaker Without Bluetooth

For some time now, Bluetooth has been the way to go for audio connections. This is because sometimes you just don’t have the room for more wires or perhaps you’re looking for a way to streamline your connections. In any case, connecting Bluetooth speakers and phones is relatively simple as long as one knows what they are doing. In order to connect Bluetooth devices, one must first enable this option on both the phone and the speaker. Usually, this is found in some kind of setting options tab that also allows you to choose which type of device you are connecting (speaker), and once selected the two products should connect automatically.

It’s easy to accomplish it however, to get technical with the process you might need an audio receiver. Two common ways of connecting a Bluetooth wireless device to an old speaker that supports no form of connectivity.

If you are getting technical with your speaker, then you will notice that there are other tools and products sold which help you to achieve the results that you want. One such tool is a 3.5 mm male-to-male stereo audio cable which should help link your cell phone up to your speaker. This will allow you to play music from your phone all through your speaker. There are many different ways one can enjoy the music you need to following tools:

  • A USB cord to charge your phone
  • Audio cable (3.5 mm stereo) (male-to-male)
  • Adapter for USB A to USB B cable Amazon is available to buy

Purchase an adapter now. You can just do a quick search in Google to find plenty of Bluetooth receivers that will transform your existing speakers into wireless devices.

Although you have got the things described above, you may have to do the steps below:

Plug the adapter into the dock connector of your cell phone, then connect both ends of the wire to a compatible speaker system. If your speaker plugs into both an iPad or iPhone and a computer and you want to be able to use it with either device, buy one adapter for each connection type.

Connect one end of your 3.5 mm audio cable to your phone’s earphone jack, and the other end to the speaker’s AUX input.


What’s more, you can easily pair audio devices together. Although it won’t be as easy as being paired by a wireless link due to the process of cabling them together getting a great quality sound has the benefit of being much simpler than pairing methods that require the installation of apps and software.
If you are wondering how to connect your speakers to your phone, we hope that this article has been helpful to you. We realize that there are many different options that you can choose when it comes to connecting speakers to your phone and we tried to cover all of them in this article. If you have any other questions or concerns about connecting speakers to your phone, please contact us anytime.

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