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If you are an Apple user and use Macbook, then you must be aware of the speaker system in your device. Nowadays, everyone uses laptops, desktops or tablets rather than just a computer to get work done. Devices these days have digital screens as well as audio systems.

You cannot watch movies or listen to songs on a digital screen without having an audio output system. Most people use headphones while working to keep the noise levels low, but not everyone has them at their disposal. In this blog post, we will be discussing Where Are The Speaker On Macbook Air. So, could you read on to know more about it?

That is why you will find so many laptop manufacturers have placed their speakers into the base of their devices for users to hear what is happening around them when working on the computer.

Where Are The Speaker On Macbook Air?

Where Are The Speaker On Macbook Air

Many of us are guilty of using headphones because the quality of speakers on Apple devices is not always the best. However, sometimes we’ll find ourselves in a predicament where we must use the speakers on our devices. We can assist you if you’re unfamiliar with where they are positioned.

The speakers on a Macbook Air are either below the keys or on the side of the keys, depending on the device’s edition. The speakers are underneath the keys in the first few Macbook Air editions. However, later iterations place speakers on the left and right sides of the keyboard.

Don’t worry if you still can’t locate where the sound is coming from on your Macbook Air. We’ll explain how to discover the speakers.

How To Find The Speakers On Your MacBook Air?

Where Are The Speaker On Macbook Air

To find out which version of the MacBook Air you have, you should ask for help from Apple’s support. Every year, new models are launched with upgraded specifications and functions.

Knowing which year and model your MacBook Air is, you can easily check where the speakers are. For models built before 2020, the speakers on most MacBook Airs will be situated under the keyboard. This likely contributes to why the original MacBook Air is often known for having muffled or poor-quality speaker sound.

On the different writing, more contemporary MacBook Air measures built behind 2020 have speakers on the left and right flanks of the keyboard, making for a better sound experience. Most speakers can’t even be noticed unless highlighted on an image of the device. The only exception is the MacBook Pro models, which still have their speakers on the bottom of the device.

The MacBook Air Pro can accommodate up to 6 speakers for a surround sound effect. These speakers provide up to 80% more bass and crystal clear sound. The speakers include 2 large tweeters and 4 force-cancelling woofers.

Adjust My MacBook Air Volume:

If you’re finding that your speaker’s sound is low, there are several ways to increase the volume. The first is using the small volume icon keys at the top of your keyboard. The icon will look like a microphone with a few bars, and there will be two keys – one to turn the volume down and one to turn it up.

A second method to fix the issue is to go to your sound settings and turn up the volume on your device. To do this, go to system preferences and click on sound. From here, change the output volume.

Best Sound Quality Macbook?

While the older models of MacBook Airs boast stronger bass, the newer models have a 25% louder sound overall.

The MacBook Air Pros also have superior sound and bass quality. So, if you’re looking for a laptop with better sound, you’ll probably enjoy the MacBook Air Pro.

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Where Are The Speaker On Macbook Air
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How Can I Get Better Audio Quality?

There is no way to improve the sound quality of your laptop’s built-in speakers. However, you can buy headphones or speakers that work with your device. These plug-in or Bluetooth speakers will have a better sound quality than the ones built into your MacBook Air.

How to connect external speakers to your Mac: A blog around connecting external speakers to your Mac.

Suppose you want to raise the system volume on your Mac, open System Preferences and select Sound. Then check the position of the Output Volume slider. If it’s to the left, slide it to the right. You can also check the Sounds menu to see if the Mac operating system knows that speakers are connected.

Can you add external speakers to the iMac?

Powered speakers are a great way to improve the audio quality of your iMac, whether you use external USB speakers or connect them directly to the audio output port. You can also use a USB DAC to improve the sound quality of an existing audio system.


How many speakers are in a MacBook Air?

Our four-speaker sound system offers an immersive audio adventure with Spatial Audio help for movies and themes with Dolby Atmos. You’ll enjoy excellent sound rates from our two tweeters and two woofers.

Where are the speakers on a MacBook Air 2022?

The new M2 MacBook Air speakers are placed above the keyboard, hidden between the case and the display. This is a change from the previous positioning of the speakers on the left and right sides of the laptop. Removing the bottom cover of the M2 MacBook Air is now simpler as it has only four screws instead of ten.

Does MacBook Air have 2 speakers?

Apple’s MacBook Air features a four-speaker sound system that is integrated between the keyboard and display. This allows for a thinner design while still delivering an excellent audio experience.

Does MacBook Air have audio output?

Your Mac comes equipped with one or more audio ports, which can be used to connect headphones (with a built-in microphone), self-powered speakers, or an audio system.

How To Find The Microphone On A MacBook Air?

Many people mistakenly believe the microphone is near the camera on a Mac, but it is located on the bottom casing, under the speakers. The mics are hidden from view, making it difficult to spot them without knowing their exact location.

How To Use Two Speakers At Once: A Step-By-Step Guide

To connect one of the speakers to your device using Bluetooth, press and hold the Bluetooth and volume up buttons simultaneously until you hear a tone. Then, turn on your second speaker and press the Bluetooth button twice. Repeat this process with the first speaker to connect additional speakers.


Many people have trouble finding the speaker on their laptop, but it’s pretty easy to spot once you know where to look. The speaker on the MacBook Air is located on the left side of the keyboard, just above the trackpad. So next time you’re looking for a little extra volume, give that area a tap and see how it sounds.

If you’re looking for the speaker on your Macbook Air, it’s located underneath the keyboard. To access it, flip up the keyboard and look for the small grille towards the right-hand side. The speaker is behind this grille, so be careful not to block it when using your laptop. We hope this article has helped you locate the speaker on your Macbook Air and understand how it works.

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